FSW Gantry AluStir-Baotu for Battery Trays: BTG-FSW3020

“From the Number One Source under the Heaven”: 来自天下第一泉

In close cooperation with China's leading manufacturer of friction stir welding gantry machines, AluStir imports a cost-effective complete solution for friction stir welding battery trays.


The proven combi­nation of fixed work table and mobile gantry is particularly space-saving, as requested by many European Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to the automotive industry.


FSW gantry for batteries with lateral linear guides: AluStir-Baotu BTG-FSW-2260 with a 2.2 m × 6 m table


For eMobility battery welding, we offer two main models of the BTG-FSW-3020 series particularly for FSW of the follwing materials:


Model  BTG-FSW-3020-8-3T BTG-FSW-3020-16-6T
Aluminium 6082-T6 1-10 mm  1-16 mm
Pure Copper  1-3 mm 1-8 mm

Other Materials and

Welding Depths

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Floor space is expensive in European factories and should be used in the most efficient way. Thus, we offer a moving gantry instead of a moving table as in competitor’s products. 


The table is made from a high-quality grey-iron casting in a well-equipped Chinese foundry. High-precision linear bearings for the gantry are attached to the side or top of the table.


Friction stir welding gantry for large battery trays with upper linear guides, BTG-FSW-2540, 2.5 m × 4 m table


Exemplary Short Version of the Data Sheet of the  BTG-FSW-3020

Modell  BTG-FSW-3020-8-3T BTG-FSW-3020-16-6T
CNC Control           Siemens

Table Size

3000 × 2000 mm
Machine Size 5000 × 4000 × 3200 mm
x-y-z Travel 3200 × 2200 × 500 mm
x Speed up to 10 m/min
y Speed up to10 m/min
Machine Plug Power  28 kW 42 kW
Spindle Power 15 kW  22 kW
Max. z Force  30 kN (3t)  60 kN (6t)
Conformity CE marking 
Delivery Time 120 days + transport
Shipping Two 40’GP containers 
Incoterms  FOB at Port of Tianjin or Qingdao

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Available Machine Models and References

Large AluStir-Baotu friction stir welding gantry BTG-FSW-42240, 4.2 m × 24 m table & 4.5 m portal width



Model                                 Machines Sold                              
FSW-1007 5 Sets
FSW-1007-2D 1 Set
FSW-1510 5 Sets
FSW-2518 78 Sets
FSW-2518-2D 3 Sets
FSW-3320 12 Sets
FSW-3320-2D 19 Sets
FSW-3321 2 Sets
FSW-650T-1D 2 Sets
FSW-650TBX 2 Sets

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