We are working on the industrial application of  friction stir welding (FSW) since 1995, two years after it had been invented by Wayne Thomas at TWI Ltd in the UK. We focus on implementing the process industrially, by demonstrationg the feasibility on existing machines before specifying a suitable production machine.


The following industrial implementations of FSW are based on our consultancy (in chronolgical order):

  • Aluminium Wheel rims, Australia and China
  • Portable FSW maschine in ship building, Australia
  • Transportable machine for GIL tubes, Germany
  • Tailor welded blanks for automotive lightweight structures, Group sponsored Project in Europe and USA
  • Lap joints in rocket engines, Netherlands
  • Welding of magnesium, and the world's first publication about this 
  • Patent application on a wear resistant FSW pin without recessed areas

Based on the experience gained in thes Projects, we started to work in management:

  • Business development for friction and forge welding processes
  • Management of EuroStir® Projects (8,5 Mio € Budget with 35 partners)
  • New customer acquisition in the transport industry
  • Crashworthiness of aluminium rolling stock in rail transport
  • IPR consultancy regarding patents and licensing
  • International activities in Europe, USA, China, India, Australia and New Zealand

After the development and successful marketing of EMPT machines (electromagnetic pulse technology for welding and forming) and MIG/MAG welding robots, we are now working again on friction stir welding:

  • High-strength aluminium panels for aircraft
  • Paneels and battery Tubs for electric cars
  • Crashworthy and dynamically loaded parts in the automotive industry 
  • Consultancy on FSW for gas insulated Pipelines in energy distribution
  • Industrialisation of friction stir spot welding machines
  • Patent application for  bimetal tubes and plates
  • Participation in Project committees of DVS projects

Based on the experience gained in these projects and functions, we are in a unique position to provide you with reliable consultancy.

25 years of Membership in DVS - German Welding Society

In 2019, Stephan Kallee could look back on 25 years of membership in DVS - Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e.V. (German Welding Society). For this reason, he was honoured on various occasions.


On the occasion of the annual meeting of the DVS within the Great Welding Conference in September 2019, the honouring of the long-standing membership was announced. In addition, the personal appreciation was made by the District Association Rhine-Main in a ceremony. On this occasion, in the Wedding Room of the Alt-Oberursler Brauhaus, he was presented with a certificate signed by the President of the DVS as well as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and a Golden Pin.