Female Welders in the USA

The Most Iconic Photographs of Welding in the USA during World War II

Gladys Theus, one of the fastest and most efficient welders at the Kaiser Company Permanente Metals Corporation

National Archives, NAID 196355


Honorary keel layers for USS CROWLEY (DE 303), Alyce R. Sawyers and Juanito Doyvolt. US Navy Yard, Mare Island, California

National Archives, NAID 296888


Eastine Cowner was a scaler during the construction of the Liberty ships

E. F. Joseph, LOC, fsa.8d18718


A female welder at the Richmond Shipyards, Richmond, California, in 1943

Ann Rosener, LOC, fsa.8b08491


Line up of some of women welders including the women's welding champion of Ingalls. Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp., Pascagoula, Mississippi, 1943

Spencer Beebe, NARA 086-WWT-85-35


A woman welder at the Inglewood, California plant of North American Aviation works on a sub-assembly for one of the huge tanks that go into B-25 bombers

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, NAID 196382


Women are welders discuss the produc­tion of welded parts in a welding booth at the Inglewood, California, plant of North American Aviation, Inc. The plant produ­ced B-25 bombers and P-51 fighter planes

Factory workers in Washington State, 1945

Howard Clifford, SOC0099

Welders Alivia Scott, Hattie Carpenter and Flossie Burtos await to weld their first piece of steel on the Liberty Ship SS George Washington Carver

National Archives NAID 535800


California shipyard workers after eight hours of work in a Richmond, California shipyard on the ferry trip back to San Francisco

Ann Rosener, LOC fsa.8b09922


Tin-hatted California shipyard workers on the 45 min ferry ride between San Francisco and the Richmond Shipbuilding Company yards

Ann Rosener, LOC fsa.8b08493


Spot welding parts for the nacelle of an aircraft engine. These women worked in the largest one-story building in the works, the giant bomber plant at the Ford plant in Willow Run, Michigan., Willow Run, July 1942

Ann Rosener, Library of Congress, 8e11137