U-Jin: 100 t Friction Welding Machines

U-Jin Tech Corp. is a South Korean company whose friction welding machines are distributed worldwide by AluStir.

100SF Single Spindle Machine with 100 t Force

Roboter-Be- und Entladung einer U-Jin 100SF Einspindel-Maschine mit 100 t Kraft

Robotic loading/unloading


U-JIN TECH CORPs 100SF Einspindel-Maschine mit 100 t Kraft

Single spindle machine


Reibschweißen auf U-Jins U-JIN TECH CORPs 100SF Einspindel-Maschine mit 100 t Kraft

Friction welding with 100 t


Model: 100SF

Rot speed: 1.000 U/min
Force: 100 t (1 MN)

Diameter: Ø 180 mm
Max area: 7.850 mm²
Power: 108 kW


Video: 100SF Friction welding machine for track rollers

0:53 min. © U-Jin Tech Corp. 28 August 2019


Friction Welded Products

Ausstellung von auf U-Jin-Reibschweißmaschinen hergestellten Produkten auf der EMO 2019 in Hannover

Parts made with U-Jin friction welding machines shown at the EMO Fair 2019 in Hanover


Parts that can be produced with the friction welding machines of  U-Jin-Corp. include the following:

  • Friction stud welding of aluminium studs with large cross-sections
  • Friction welding of thick-walled aluminium tubes
  • Reinforcing steel for reinforced concrete
  • Drilling rods for the oil and gas industry, well drilling and geothermal drilling
  • Cardan shafts for motor vehicles
  • Drive shafts for cars
  • Camshafts


Descriptions, illustrations and numerical data may deviate from the actual design of future machines.


Further Information

AluStir has been nominated to act worldwide as sales representative of U-Jin Tech Corp. in South Korea. In close cooperation, we are able to respond to any enquiries regarding the feasibility of friction welded joints and help you with machine specifications.

We will be pleased to provide you with a quotation for a friction welding machine tailored to your needs. Please contact us by e-mail (stephan.kallee@alustir.com) or telephone (+49 6024 636 0123) if you require further information or a quotation for a machine.