U-Jin: 10 t Vertical Friction Welding Machines

Fully Automated Welding Cell for Torque Converters

CNC 1oSFV Single Spindle Vertical Friction Welding Machine with 10 t Force for Torque Converters

Vertikalreibschweißmaschine von U-Jin Tech Corp

Vertical friction welding


Drehmomentwandlder, der in U-JIN TECH CORPORATIONs Reibschweißzelle geschweißt wurde

Torque converters


CNC 1oSFV Einspindel-Vertikalreibschweiß-Maschine mit 10 t Kraft für Drehmomentwandler von U-Jin Tech Corp in Korea

U-Jin Tech Corp CNC 10SFV


Modell: 5SF

Force: 10 t (100 kN)



Video: CNC 10SFV Vertical friction welding machine for torque converters

1:17 min. © U-Jin Tech Corp. 7 December 2018



Descriptions, illustrations and numerical data may deviate from the actual design of future machines.


Further Information

AluStir has been nominated to act worldwide as sales representative of U-Jin Tech Corp. in South Korea. In close cooperation, we are able to respond to any enquiries regarding the feasibility of friction welded joints and help you with machine specifications.

We will be pleased to provide you with a quotation for a friction welding machine tailored to your needs. Please contact us by e-mail (stephan.kallee@alustir.com) or telephone (+49 6024 636 0123) if you require further information or a quotation for a machine.