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The Trivial Persuit of Welding and Joining

Friction Stir Welding of Jig Saw Puzzle
Friction stir welding of jig saw puzzle
In this area, you will find facts that had not yet been covered by an own article in the English language Wikipedia at the time of being published on AluStir's web site:
  • Fullagar was the world's first fully welded ship.
  • Alfred E Gibson was a Canadian-born mechanical engineer and president of The Wellman Engineering Company, Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Mary Wallihan Gibson of The Wellman Engineering Company won an award from the James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation for arc welding of low alloy high strength steels.
  • Although Edwin Izod's name is widely known among engineers and metallurgists, he is often not associated with the invention of the IZOD impact test.

  • Frederick Knoop was a co-inventor of the micro hardness test that bears his name.
  • Sir William James Larke was the first director of the British Iron and Steel Federation and the first president of the British Welding Research Association
  • Charles Lillicrap was a British naval architect, who served as Director of Naval Construction from 1944 to 1951.

  • George Pellissier was the first American to use Thermite® welding commercially for laying 1 mile of track of the Holyoke Street Railway in Massachusetts.

  • Stanley Rockwell invented together with Hugh M. Rockwell, who was the son of his employer but probably not a relative, the Rockwell hardness testing machine.