U-Jin: 12 t Friction Welding Machines

U-Jin Tech Corp. is a South Korean company whose friction welding machines are distributed worldwide by AluStir.

CNC 12DF-P Double Servo Motor Spindle Machine with 12 t Force

CNC-Bediener-Schnittstelle für automatischen Betrieb

CNC operator interface


Zwei Schweißungen von Welle-Nabe-Verbindungen gleich­zeitig an beiden Enden

Friction welding at both ends simultaneously


CNC-Doppelspindelsystem zum Reibschweißen

CNC double spindle system for friction welding


Model: CNC 12DF-P

Rot speed: 2,000 rpm
Force: 12 t (120 kN)

Diameter: Ø 80 mm
Max area: 800 mm²
Power: 60 kW


Video: CNC 12DF-P welding machine for propshafts

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Automatische Be- und Entladung durch ein Materialhandhabungssystem

Fully automatic materials handling system


Vollautomatische CNC-gesteuerte Reibschweißmaschine von U-Jin Tech Corp.

Friction welding and shearing off the flash


Automatische Entladung einer U-Jin-Tech-Corp-Reibschweißmaschine durch Materialhandhabungssystem

Automated unloading by metallic conveyor belt


Modern CNC control technology is used by U-Jin Tech Corp both for automatic material transport and in cases where high accuracy is required. Due to the position measuring devices known from CNC milling machines, the length tolerance of the components can be maintained more accurately than with conventional hydraulic machines. It is even possible to bring the spindle to a standstill in a given position so that the two eyes of a drive shaft can be positioned at an angle to each other.


The two spindles of these machines are driven by servo motors that allow the angular position of their motor shaft to be controlled, as well as the speed of rotation and acceleration, since they are equipped with position sensors. If the spindles are controlled in the same way as CNC-controlled servo motors, angular accuracies of ±0.5° can be achieved, e.g. at both ends of a cardan shaft.


Winkelgerecht ausgerich­tete Antriebswelle

Angularly aligned Ends of a propshaft


Reibgeschweißte Gelenkwellen, Gleichlaufwellen und Kardan­wellen

Friction welded universal joints


Hochleistungsantriebswel­le für hohe Lastübertragung

Heavy Duty driveshaft for high-torque transmission 


The machine series is primarily designed for the friction welding of cardan shafts in the automotive industry, which is expressed by the letter P for propshaft.


CNC 12DF-D Double Spindle Machine with 12 t Force


Auf CNC-Maschine reibge­schweißte Antriebswelle

Friction welded small diameter drive shaft



Große reibgeschweiß­te Antriebswelle

Friction welded large diameter drive shaft


CNC 12DF-D Doppelspindel-Maschine mit 12 t Kraft von U-Jin Tech Corp

CNC 12DF-D friction welding machine for drive shafts


This machine series is primarily designed for the friction welding of axially symmetrical drive shafts in automotive engineering, which is expressed by the letter D for driveshaft. With these components, exact length tolerances have to be maintained, but the end pieces do not have to be aligned at the a specific angle to each other.


12DF Double Spindle Machine with 12 t Force

Zwei Reibschweißungen werden auf Doppelspindelmaschine gleichzeitig durchgeführt

Two welds can be made simultaneously


Parameteraufzeichnung beim Reibschweißen in U-Jins 12DF Doppelspindel-Maschine mit 12 t Kraft

Modern Parameter Monitoring system


Ausgereifte mechanische Konstruktion und Fertiung einer Reibschweißmaschine von U-Jin Tech Corporation

Very solid mechanical design and construction


Model: 12DF

Rot. speed: 1800 rpm
Force: 12 t (120 kN)

Diameter: Ø 60 mm
Max area: 1,100 mm²
Power: 60 kW


Video: 12DF  friction welding machine for CV joints

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Descriptions, illustrations and numerical data may deviate from the actual design of future machines.

Further Information

AluStir has been nominated to act worldwide as sales representative of U-Jin Tech Corp. in South Korea. In close cooperation, we are able to respond to any enquiries regarding the feasibility of friction welded joints and help you with machine specifications.

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