FSW: Sespel Tank Cars

Friction Stir Welded Tanks: Not only for Road and Rail Transport of Nitric Acid and Cryogenic Liquids

FSWed Tank Wagons for Concentrated Nitric Acid

Sespel, a leading manufacturer of specialized equipment based in Cheboksary in Russia uses friction stir welding for a variety of different fuel tanks. The signed a contract with EuroChem (EvroKhim), one of the leading global producers of mineral fertilizers in April 2020 for the supply of a batch of fourteen Model 15-6901 tank wagons mounted on the 25 t axle-load Model 18-9855 bogies, to be used for the transportation of concentrated nitric acid with a top speed of 120 km/h by to Azot, a subsidiary of EuroChem (EvroKhim), in Novomoskovsk, near Tula, Russia.


Sespel uses friction stir welding for making the aluminium tank of the type 15-6901 railway wagons in collaboration with United Wagon Company and Arkonik 

© Russian Aluminum Association (RAA)

The wagons have a net weight of 24,5 t and a loading capacity of 75 t in a 54.78 m3 tank. The tanks for transporting hazardous chemicals are made from friction stir welded, high-strength AD0-grade aluminium.[2][3]


Two of thirty Model 15-6901 aluminium tank cars produced for the transportation of concentrated nitric acid by GC Alfa-Leasing and URALCHEM 

© UralChem

The friction stir welded tank cars are particlularly used for transporting nitric acid, other than red fuming (ООН cargo code No. 2031), stabilized vinyl acetate (ООН No. 1301) and formaldehyde solution (ООН No. 2209).[4]


Friction Stir Welding of aluminium sheets using a vacuum clamping system at Sespel 

2:15 min, © Творческая студия (Creative Studio) BBC, 22 January 2021


History of Sespel

Sespel was founded in 1988 and manufactured initially more than 1000 Delta-C computers. The company name represents the 'first flower in spring' as a symbol for the awakening of the nature, growth and prosperity.[5]


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Friction Stir Welding at Sespel (Сеспель: Сварка трением с перемешиванием)

4:47 min, © Творческая студия (Creative Studio) BBC, 16 August 2017


After building a new factory, the company began manufacturing semi-trailers for articulated lorries. Gas and chemical tankers became the next stage of development. In 2012, friction stir welding of aluminum was introduced as an innovative manufacturing process.[5]


Sespel plant in Morgaushsky District, Chuvash Republic, Russia


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The team gained so much expertise during the day-to-day application of friction stir welding that Roscosmos called a group of Sespel's specialists from Cheboksary to Samara in 2020 to implement friction stir welding to the Soyuz-5 launch vehicle and carry out the operations.[6]


Sespel's new FSW factory and show room in Morgaushsky District


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More Information about Sespel's Tanks


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